Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Favorite Things Aren't Things....

I remember reading that on a cross stitched plaque hanging on someone's wall somewhere and it made me want to cry a little haha! But there were too many good things that happened this past year that I can't possibly list them all! Although going to Spain and drinking beer in my underwear on a balcony was pretty awesome, but I can't show a picture of that....So I guess it is easier to show some of my favorite things that I acquired this year that are actual things. Here are my best thrift store finds of 2009:

My lion pillow that I got from Retrospect in Philly

My piggy oven mits from Village Thrift

My mouse dollhouse turned spice rack that reminds me of
Donkey Kong, also from Village Thrift

These two amazing vintage fold up chairs that we folded up and
walked away with from Village Thrift

and...check out the price tag below....!!!

I'm so excited to see what else I'll find this year on my mission to build the perfect house, but I am also looking forward to streamlining my workspace a little bit. I started off by dropping off 5 giant bags of stuff that I have but don't use anymore (after watching three episodes of Hoarders!)

Hope everyone had a happy new year!



  1. You are truly a blessed artist. I love your style. And OMG !! I can't believe the price of the fold up chairs ! They are so Cute !

  2. Thanks sooo much! Yes, I get lucky with my vintage finds...