Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Elle & Ellen

I LOVE this cover of German Elle! These are my favorite colors- I just hope that I don't use them so much that I get sick of them...I don't think I'll ever dislike pastel and black together. It reminds me of a light purple eyelet dress that my sister had when I was in 7th grade. I used to borrow it and wear it with black tights and try to be like her! She had a magazine (Sassy or something like that) and there was a spread of a bunch of girls wearing pastel dresses and black tights. I wish I still had it!

I love Ellen Von Unwerth's photography. I almost bought a book of hers called "Revenge" when I was in LA and I wish I had. Her work is very creepy, pretty, and empowering. I feel like I want to start making masks too!


  1. that would b so hot esp. with ur underwear

  2. Hehe, I have to mention that the Elle you're looking at is quite Dutch and not at all like german xP - just had to mention it!