Friday, February 4, 2011

What I'm Wearing

Just splurged and bought myself some awesome new bras, and for some reason they are all blue! I get carried away with color sometimes! This is the Lure or Be Lured Bra by Elle Macpherson Intimates. I just purchased it from Lille Boutique. I love the straps!

This is another by Elle Macpherson- she makes the best basics! I purchased this "Hula Hoops" set for a friend's lingerie shower and went back to Journelle and bought it for myself!

And last but not least, the best bra in the entire world! I want it in every color! Everyone always raves about the Timpa Duet bra, so I had to try it. I honestly never want to take it off. I also bought this one at Journelle.

And now, back to sewing thousands of Valentine's orders!


  1. The Timpa's great, isn't it? It's so conveniently low-cut. And I wanted that first Elle MacPherson one, too, but I'd already gotten too much during my last trip to New York!

  2. Yes! Timpa is the best. This is the best time of year to splurge on lingerie- everything is on sale and valentine's day is right around the corner ;)