Tuesday, September 28, 2010

starting to think about halloween....

I'm loving this rainy fall weather...all I want to do is go pumpkin picking and go on a haunted hayride! Halloween always sneaks up on me and I pretty much end up being a zombie every year (although I make a pretty good zombie,) but this year I'm going to plan out and make an awesome costume. I'm thinking along the lines of vampire bat?? Here is a picture of a bat cape that I made last year for my boyfriend's dog- it's velvet with floral lining and stitched with boning to hold the shape.

And here are some inspirational photos from last year's Harper’s Bazaar UK November ’09. The spread is titled "Mystery in the Moonlight" shot by Michaelangelo di Battista. It's like a nerdy horror dream come true!

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  1. So excited for Halloween too and will probably end up just being a zombie again also. It's so fun to be sexy & bloody!!!!!!